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How to open b1 archive and extract files from b1 archive in one click

Extract files into current folder

For example let's take birthday party.b1 archive with photos. Right-click on it to open context menu. Select Extract here option in the context menu. That's all, just one click.

Wait a few moments while B1 Free Archiver is extracting files...

...and it’s done. Unpacked photos are next to the original archive, you can view them like any other photos.

Extract files into new folder

Sometimes it's more convenient to extract files into separate folder, especially when there are a lot of files in the archive. That way it's easier to find and view them later and avoid a mess in the original folder. It's still one click, instead of Extract here select Extract to... from the same menu.

The simplest way is to choose default folder which has the same name as the archive. In our example - birthday party. With this option all photos are extracted into new separate folder with name birthday party next to the archive.

If you don't like that name - select New folder. It's almost the same, but first B1 prompts you how to name new folder.

You can use any title, for example let's change it to Clara's birthday party. Click OK and all photos will be unpacked from the .b1 archive into folder Clara's birthday party.

That's it. As we promised - couldn't be simpler, just one click.

Download B1 Free Archiver for Windows

B1 Free Archiver works with most popular archive formats. It's a single utility for almost all archives you will ever need. Although there are a lot of functions and features, B1 stays extremely simple to use and never bothers you with unnecessary stuff. It takes just a few clicks to extract files or to create new archive.

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