Our Story

It all started with the B1 format

The story of B1 Free Archiver dates back to 2011. It all started from the idea to create a new archive format with optimized compression algorithm. We did create such a format and called it “b1”. The b1 format is based on the unique algorithm that allows to select archiving parameters depending on the type of content. This makes compression fast and effective.

Big archiver idea

As we developed the archive format, we noticed a big number of drawbacks and problems in existing packing tools. They included encoding issues, problems with split and password-protected files, partial extraction issues, and so on. So, we thought why not create an archiver that would solve all the issues that we've discovered and thus make a good deal of users happier. That's how B1 Free Archiver was born.

B1 Free Archiver for Windows, Linux and Mac OS

We were aimed at multi-platform from the very beginning. It just couldn’t be otherwise with all the diversity of platforms and devices a user can possess nowadays. So we created B1 Free Archiver for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. B1 Free Archiver looks and feels the same across all platforms and at the same time embraces all particular details of each platform.

B1 Free Archiver becomes available for Android

Going mobile was just a matter of time and resources. As soon as we got both we started working at Android version of B1 Free Archiver. Even though Android interface is very much different from any desktop we still wanted to keep the style of B1 ecosystem the same. So after months of hard work we were ready to present B1 Free Archiver for Android.

Meet B1 File Manager for Android

File management feature was always present in B1 Free Archiver. We continued to get a lot of feedback particularly from Android users claiming they used B1 Free Archiver as a file manager too. So we thought: if users want a file manager - give them a file manager. That’s how B1 File Manager appeared. It is a perfect blend of a full-fledged file manager and decent archiving features.

Thoughts on the future

We will continue to support and develop all applications within B1 Free Archiver ecosystem. We want users to feel comfortable within it and to feel at home with B1 Free Archiver no matter what device they use. We also plan to extend the number of platforms to make B1 really universal. But who knows where our imagination will get us eventually :)

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