• B1 Free Archiver
  • B1 Online - extract from archives online
  • Unzip & unrar files in one click
  • Excellent and fast compression
  • Simple and friendly utility
  • Open .zip .rar .7z .b1 and more
Most friendly and simple

free file archiver

Fast and simple. Works on all platforms. Excellent compression.
  • 100% Free Both for commercial and personal use
  • Most popular formats zip, rar, 7z, b1 and more coming soon...
  • Windows, Mac, Linux and Android Use it on your pc, laptop or smartphone
  • Simple, fast & safe Work with archives just like with regular folders
  • B1 archive format Remarkable speed and compression ratio
    with brand new B1 archive format! Learn more...
Free Download
B1 Archiver for Windows v1.5.86
Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android
  • Software.Informer Editor's pick award
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. B1 is a free file archiver which is available for all popular OS (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android)
and supports zip, rar and other common types of archives. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.