Welcome to b1 translation community!

B1 Free Archiver has localizations to different languages thanks to the volunteers from all over the world.
You can also contribute your translation to B1 Project!

How do you translate b1?

We use crowdin.net - online service for collaborative translation
Everyone can join it and contribute to B1 Translations

1. Go to B1 Translation project

Click "Sign up"

2. Register and create your account

It won't take you more than 1 minute

3. Select your native language

You will be translating B1 into this language

4. Select the file you would like to translate

Click "Translate"

5. Select the string on the left panel and enter the text

Click "Commit translation". You can use machine translation suggestions if you want

A lot of thanks to B1 Translators

  • Franz Rolfsvaag

  • Tommy "Berna" Bernardini Rasmus "Onix" Hoffstedt

  • Andriy Bandura

  • Sajjad Mohammadzadeh

  • Raul Tambre, Brayan Talts

  • Tung Wong

  • İlhan Tanrıverdi

  • Bahassine Abdallah

  • Your name can be here too!

  • Dionisios Klonaris

  • Milan Zounek

  • Ivan Marković

  • simpleaic, Abdulhameed N95

  • Mohammad Shahmi bin Ibrahim

  • Hsiu-Ming Chang

  • Noelia Castro

  • Your name can be here too!

  • Your name can be here too!